CURCLEAR™ 5%                                            






CURCLEAR™ is an innovative complete clear, water soluble Curcumin liquid.
Strengths: 5% w/w

Source: Natural, rhizomes of Curcuma Longa (Turmeric) plant.


  • For the fortification of Water Based Beverages (Carbonated, Non-Carbonated), Sports Drinks, Fruit Juices and Fruit Juice Drinks, Fruit Nectar’s (Stable and soluble at pH 2 – 6.8)
  • As a Dietary Supplement in the form of Syrup, Shots (50 ml – 70 ml) (Replacement of conventional tablets & Capsules)- being water soluble, may enhance Bio-availability* of Curcumin (More Soluble ~ More Bio-available)
  • As a Natural Colorant in Foods (Snacks, Noodles, Biscuits, Jams, Jellies), Water Based Beverages.
  • Can be used in Skin Products (Gels, Creams) and Cosmetic Products and Mouth Washes.

*Clinical studies (Bio-availability) to be carried out in near future.


  • In liquid form, easily miscible with aqueous based formulations
  • Easily water soluble, forms clear transparent solutions
  • Serve the purpose as colorant along with fortification (Health Benefits)
  • Multi-Purpose use (Natural food colorant, Dietary Supplement, Topical Application etc.)

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